corner guard

corner guard

made by rubber

Rubber Corner Guard s are made up of high impact resistance natural rubber. They are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures. They help protect wall corners from accidental damage. they are suitable for Parking Garages, Basement Parks,Hotels, Industrial and Commercial warehouses.

corner guard

corner guard



1. Yellow & Black color combination attractive in the day & night

2. Embedded with all weather resistance reflective material

3. Made of flexible & high strength rubber

4.Easy installation and durable 

5.International standard bright colors effectively catch the drivers attention


Corner Guards

Wall guard protects the wall surface against getting dirty or accidental damage. It is an ideal solution for hospitals, surgeries, schools, offices and other places where there is a possibilty to have a direct contact with a wall. Wall guards can also be used to hide damage that has already appeared. We offer a few protective options made of elastic materials, stainless steel or plastic.



Buying a new car? Before you bring a new vehicle home, consider: how are you going to feel about the dents and dings coming to your brand-new paint job? Some people don’t know until they first see the scrape in their paint, but others want to get in front of the issue. Corner guards and wall protectors are one cost-effective way to protect vehicles in the home garage where they spend much of their time.

For site planners working with multi-vehicle parking garages, corner and wall guards are minor investment with two dividends. Thinking ahead to where drivers might find parking a tight squeeze allows planners to create safety and ease for users. It also protects the corners of the structure itself.

guard corner

corner guard protector

To prevent damage to a car’s finish, wall guards can be installed in home garages.

Protecting your car

It is not just financial investment that goes into a new vehicle. A lot of work goes into the preparation for buying or leasing a new car. The average person takes 16 weeks to research. Over these weeks, most people read reviews online, comparison shop models and prices, decide on financing, and balance style with function. When the car is finally driven off the lot, 88% of new owners show their pride by posting a picture to Facebook. 15% of owners say that style was a major purchasing decision.

Yet after all this careful work, it does not take long for the world to start wearing on a new vehicle. Most car owners want to protect their cars for as long as possible—the newest vehicles are often parked farthest away in a grocery store parking lot. Owners often feel relieved to park at home, knowing their car is protected from the elements, dirt, tree sap, and other cars.

Unfortunately, there’s one common injury to cars in home garages—when a car door opening hits a wall or shelving.

Small garages

As housing and land become more expensive, lots and home footprints have become smaller. In some cases, garages too. A survey of UK homes in 2013 showed that 75% of new built garages were too tight for safety, given the size of today’s cars.

It is not just that garages are getting smaller, but also that vehicles are getting bigger. Crumple zones, airbags and new technologies all add to the heft of smaller cars. Urban drivers are also increasingly buying pickup trucks and SUVs.

The Ford F-150, one of the most popular light trucks on the road, has a width of about 6.7 feet and a length between 17.5-20.8 feet, depending on the style of truck bed. Compare this to the average garage: 9 feet wide, and 20 feet long.

Ideally, there should be 2.5 feet of room between a parked car and the wall, for people to open their car doors and retrieve their belongings. A big truck or SUV is likely to have one foot less space than that. If there is storage in the room, things get even more tight. For a while, a driver might be careful shimmying out of a too tight space, but children are notoriously bad at remembering and visitors might not understand.

Fortunately, before a new car comes home to a tight garage, an owner can install impact rubber wall guards. These can make all the difference in these spaces, catching a door thrown open before damage is done to finish or wall. They’re easy to install and will outlast many cars.

A silver car door opens into a wall guard beside a clean concrete wall
Putting wall guards beside parking spaces prevents dings and scrapes to walls or vehicles.

Upkeep of a car’s condition

The average length of time a driver keeps a new vehicle is around 6 years. The average life of a vehicle is longer, at 11.6 years. This difference is of course in the resale market, with some drivers preferring used vehicles, and some new.

A used car in excellent or good condition can draw many more thousands of dollars in trade-in or sale price. The condition of the body is one of the factors that influences this determination.

If a driver is going to have a vehicle for six years, it makes sense to treat it well—both for the resale value, and for themselves. It is practical and easy to prevent frequent, minor bumps and scrapes to the car door.

Corner guards can protect parking structures

Corner guards are not just handy for the protection of vehicles. They can help protect property as well.  In commercial parking lots, corner guards for walls and structural pillars can prevent cars from chipping the corners, keeping the structure looking new and well cared for.

corner guard

corner guard

Corner protectors are useful in multi-vehicle parking structures to prevent wear.

Drivers coming into well-tended spaces feel more confident about their destination, and about leaving their car behind. Even though a car rubbing against a support is not going to do structural damage, the cosmetic damage it can leave makes a parking structure look and feel more worn than it actually is.

Wall guards and corner protectors for clients

As cars grow bigger, some drivers find parking structures more challenging to negotiate. An older garage with smaller spaces might moderate this frustration by providing protection on support structures. Drivers of larger cars can be confident that they won’t end up with scratches. They may even leave more room between themselves and the car beside them, knowing that the door closer to the pillar won’t be dinged on opening.

Ürün Kodu : PL-07-310
Köşe Koruyucu Ölçüsü : 80 x 10 x 10 cm
Ağırlık : 1,60 Kg
Teknik Özellikleri : 4 Adet Yüksek Performans Reflektif Malzeme
Malzeme Türü : Kauçuk
Montaj Malzemeleri : 6 adet Plastik Dübel ve Çivi

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Reflektif malzeme ile gece görüşü sağlar, kolay farkedilir. Mesafe tayininde yardımcı olur. Kolon koruma da etkin bir çözüm arıyorsunuz bu ürün tam size göre.

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